fooShe moved from the chair to the window (thinking about explaining something, but not sure what it should be. There were bottomless things to explain, like why she thought of herself as one thing, yet acted opposite; yearned for the chair yet moved to the window, felt like a giant cockroach head, resulting in being able to make it no further than the window wall. Leaning on the wall, she held her shoulders pulled into her chest like a woman of whom so little is expected that nothing at all is performed. She wanted to say a few things at once. Maybe if she flung her eyes to the right and her mouth to the left she might be able to say it all.)






Josey Foo works in mixed forms and is the author of 3 books. The latest, A Lily Liliesco-written with the dancer/choreographer Leah Stein, contains photographs, poetry and notes on dance and focuses on the impulse to move. A 2001 recipient of a National Endowment Literature Fellowship for poetry and Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Fellowship for fiction, she lives in the high desert of the Four Corners. She is found online at

Photography by Jordan Wrigley