(capital)The average woman says a minimum of (number) 1 (number) 0 (number) 0 (number) 0 (number) 0 (number 0) words a day (period)(capital) Spoken (period)(capital) Expressed (period)(capital) Gobbled up by the world(period)

(indent)(capital)We (comma) as humans have an obsession with communication (period)(capital) It (apostrophe) s in our (capital) D (capital) N (capital) A (period)(capital) Technologies dedicated to improving it (comma)(capital) Therapists to fix it (comma)(capital) Juries to judge it (comma) Spies to listen in on it (comma)(capital) Whistle (hyphen) blowers to leak it (comma)(capital) Journalists to record it (period)(new paragraph)

(indent)(capital) We go to war over it (period)(capital) Marry and divorce over it (period)(capital) Betray (comma) hope (comma) build homes (comma) bomb cities (comma) vote (comma) imprison (comma) and kill over it (period)(new paragraph)

(indent)(capital) Communication is the heart of our human experience (period)(new paragraph)

(indent)(capital) When (capital) I was diagnosed with a (capital) Neurological (capital) Illness (comma)(capital) Assistive Technology became the only lifeline to keep myself heard when my fingers stopped being able to type and words started to vanish (period)(new paragraph)

(indent)(capital) Assistive Technology keeps me tethered to the blood pumping through our society (period)(capital) Imperfect (comma) incompatible (capital) Assistive (capital) Technology that allows my failing body to try to pretend to keep up with a world unable to see itself through the lens (capital) I (apostrophe) m forced to use (period)

(indent)(capital) My words (comma) once edited and presented to purposely hide my neurodiversity (comma) although easier to swallow by the world seems somehow to make me even more invisible (period)


Carrie Jade Williams started writing with Assistive Technology less than a year ago after being diagnosed with a terminal, degenerative illness. Since starting she has gone on to win a number of prizes including the Financial Times Essay writing competition. She passionately advocates for improved accessibility within the Arts through her website www.timetosaythanks.com where she provides funding opportunities for writers and provides daily free writing accountability sessions and her 100 Rejection Club aimed at removing imposter syndrome from the writing world. If you’d like to catch up with her and her tribe of writers Instagram @CarrieJadeWrites is the quickest way to get in touch.

Photo by Dinah Lenney