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  1. Laura
    June 6, 2016

    Lori May’s essay, “With and Without Care” focuses on the central image of healthcare. She starts with not wanting to go to the doctor’s office with a checkbook, alluding to the rise in healthcare costs.Then, she explains that she wouldn’t mind paying higher taxes if that meant healthcare was subsidized. These paragraphs are pices of her central image, which are sectioned off by Roman numeral, are “tightly focused, with no extraneous words” like Paola and Miller explain in Tell It Slant (110). May writes, “The woman came to just before the medics arrived. She argued she was fine. She just tripped. We heard the lie. We saw her fall.” These sentences are very focused without an extra words, which show her effectiveness of her flash nonfiction essay. The language in her essay is also fresh and lyrically surprising. May writes, “When her head hit the concrete, the crack of the woman’s skull echoed throughout the cafe.” This sentence is surprising in its subject matter. It’s not very common for a person to write about a woman falling and hitting her head on the concrete. I also like how the line is poetic and lyrical in its use of the hard c sound (concrete, crack, skull). May’s essay is a great example of how carefully crafted paragraphs with the central image in mind can create great flash nonfiction essays.


  2. Joy Gaines-Friedler
    March 18, 2019

    Lori – love this essay – the form is so engaging! There is a whole life benefit to not having to worry about going the doctor for wellness visits or illness visits. Not having to stress over deductibles and so forth has an unspoken benefit: A society that doesn’t have to worry about such things, also does not compete within families for resources. The strength of family is the strength of society.


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