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1 See: sweet-tooth; AriZona Beverages

2 A Peruvian-American

3 Did you read the whole article?

4 In all ways but name, slavery still existed nearly 70 years later in 1930 when Hamer daily picked three times her weight in cotton. She was 13.

5 Crime is geographic. Why do people live where they live?

6 Is this the longest you’ve gone without inserting your voice?

7 Oppression is not a choice.

8 Approx. 240 minutes, or 14400 seconds.

9 See: Strange Fruit.

10 You have access to Google(dot)com.

11 Waiting isn’t listening.

12 What gives me the right?

13 Hamer was one of thousands of poor women of color to be sterilized without their knowledge or consent. This still happens today. This is violence.

14 Their names were Sandra Bland, Kindra Chapman, Joyce Curnell, Ralkina Jones & Raynette Turner.

15 What if you’d called those cops?

16 What if you hadn’t?

17 “2015 may be one of the safest years for law enforcement in a quarter century.” The Guardian.

18 The number of people killed by cops this year will surpass the number of American soldiers killed in any single year since 2003. This is also true of last year.

19 “Good cop” presupposes a baseline of annihilation.


Samuel Stokley writes and lives in Minneapolis. He wants justice for Philando Castile.

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Artwork by Damon Locks