tazed When Officer Rodriguez first arrived, Mac was still on Eileen’s couch in the same stained, country overalls he’d come to Vegas in three days before, drinking Pabst and smoking Cigarellos, while he waited for Eileen to sign the unopened divorce papers he’d mailed to her last December when they were both still in Beaumont and she didn’t know he was screwing her sister Nadine; but now Eileen had a fancy lawyer and wanted Mac to pay for a tits job so she could be an honest-to-God Vegas showgirl, so Mac wasn’t gonna budge from that couch, not even when he had to piss, which was why he’d brought his gallon-sized Trucker’s John, a box of saltines, and a stack of Imodium, none of which kept Mac from crapping his overalls when Officer Rodriguez tazed him, then dragged him by his ankles out onto the sidewalk after Mac had splashed Officer Rodriguez with the contents of the Trucker’s John—and this all while Eileen cackled from her bedroom door, snapping photos for the judge with her new smartphone and screaming that Mac was gonna get her those double Ds now!

Kirsten Ogden is a multi-genre writer and performer whose work has appeared in Louisiana Literature, anderbo, Radical Teacher, and Fringe. An occasional blogger for the Kenyon Review, Kirsten is also a former judge for the Flannery O’Connor short fiction prize. She holds the MFA from University of Alaska, and the Phd in Theatre from Louisiana State University.

Photography by Eleanor Leonne Bennett