The photographer’s job is making the unseen seen. In my work, For me, the unseen is the emotion and the secret being shared. What is being said literally and what is being hinted at? What fundamental human quality or value is at work here?

For this collection, I read each essay three times. After the second and third readings, I created a list of words to concisely describe my feelings. These were observations — not about the pieces themselves, but about my emotional state as a reader. 

I came up with five words: Loss, Remembrance, Regret, Time and Secrets. These are the feelings I sought to express in my photographs. 

I committed to making the photographs work as connective emotional tissue, picking up the threads and weaving a visual world for the stories. I did not seek to “illustrate” in any way. Rather, the connectivity would be emotional, suggestive.  As a photographer, I am always working on identifying my point of departure: the place from which I begin the journey, from making the photograph to editing it. And that point of departure was defined by loss, remembrance, regret, time and secrets, and drove both subject selection and editing approach and style.

I worked with both a Leica M10 Monochrom (50mm) and Leica Q (28mm). The photographs were edited in Adobe Photoshop. 

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