• Me: Divorced
  • Him: Interested
  • Her: Uninterested

Act 1

 Over tequila shots in my triangle shaped house

Her: Zzzzzzz

Him: She made a list. People I can sleep with.

Me: That’s insane.

Me: Am I on it?

Waving a lit wand of incense for her altar

Her: How’re the kids?

Me: How’s your marriage?

Her: Fine.

Me: Really?

Her: Fine.  Like the clear blue sky.

Act 2

Under a clear blue sky on a blanket, mostly undressed

Him: I’m not going to leave her, you know.

Me: Duly noted.

Stretched out on the hand-woven kilim in my office

Him: I can’t stop thinking about you.

While their kids play in the sand box in my back yard

Him: I don’t care; I would rather die than be without you.

Panting in a hammock in the moonlight

Me: We have to stop.

Him: I love you.

Screaming on my front porch

Her: Fucking cunt! Thieving whore!

Cowering inside my deadbolted front door

Me: silence

Text bubble

Me: R u ok?

Him: silence

Act 3

Clutching my phone in the dark

Me: I hope that you

If you need space then

Please know that I

Near the broccoli rabe at Whole Foods

Her: silence

Me: I’m sorry.

Her: silence

Facebook post of a pristine Thai waterfall

Him: “Ringing in the New Year with my beautiful family.”

Lying face down on the scratchy kilim in my office

Me: sob

At a stop sign, months later

Me: How’s your marriage?

Him: Fine.

Me:  I still love you


Eight years later

Checking email late one night in bed, engagement ring sparkling

Him: Can we meet?

Me: ?!#$*)!

What a surpri

Are you still

How dare

Eight minutes later, fingers hovered over keyboard



Suzanne LaFetra Collier’s writing has appeared in Creative Nonfiction, The Sun, The San Francisco Chronicle, Smokelong Quarterly, and over a dozen anthologies. She co-directed and produced the award-winning documentary film, FREE: The Power of Performance, which recently aired on PBS. She lives with her family in Berkeley, California, and is at work on a novel set in a Tijuana prison.

Photo by Elizabeth Fackler